Do Dogs Need Shoes?

Do Dogs Need Shoes?


 Most dogs don't like to wear shoes because of how unnatural it feels to them. However, this is something they can get used to. Like us when we first started to wear shoes! Dog paws had evolved to be able to cope with temperatures as low as -35C. While the cold won't bother most dogs, the hot ground in the summer can burn their paws. Browse our collection of dog shoes to see the different types of shoes.

 How do Dog Shoes help protect my dog?

 The pads on dog paws are soft like our own feet. This makes them more likely to be injured than animals with harder feet such as hooves. Wearing dog shoes will help protect the delicate pads from various things:


  • Very hot floors
  • Slippery floors such as rocks, mossy wood and more
  • Cuts and splinters
  • Snow build up between the toes turning into ice and cutting them
  • Pad scrapes and sores

 Does my dog need Shoes?

 Certain dogs are more at risk of problems than others. If your dog goes out hiking with you and takes part in other outdoor hobbies then shoes will protect their delicate paws. It can also help them if you take them with you into potentially slippery environments such as on boats.

Older dogs are more prone to paw problems and injuries from slipping or falling. Wearing shoes will prevent them from the majority of paw related problems and make normal day-to-day activities safer. Those with disabilities and some other health conditions will benefit from them too. Your vet may even recommend you get them!

 Living in Hot Areas

 Living in a hot area means the ground will be very hot. If you cannot keep your hand flat on the floor for more than five seconds then it's far too hot for your dog to walk on. Beaches are even worse and the heat can be very misleading during the summer. It doesn't matter how old your dog is, when the floor is too hot for you then it's too hot for you. Keeping your dog on the grass will help them but then you need to carry them across any kind of pavement or sand.

Dog shoes are the best protection from the hot floor. If you don't have any dog shoes for them, then don't take them outside. It can burn their paws which require antibiotic ointment treatments, bandages, a vet visit and for you to monitor the injury very closely.

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