Getting a New puppy Or Dog? Must Read

Getting a New puppy Or Dog?  Must Read

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy or dog?  While its an exciting time for you to add a member of the family, here are some things to consider.  Adding a dog to your household is a big commitment.  You must provide food, shelter, exercise and love.  If you are away from home for long periods of time and plan to keep your dog in a cage or outside unattended then a dog is not the right choice for you.  Please see our other blog posts on Cats because that may be a better fit.  Too often pets end up in a shelter or out on the streets due to changed circumstances in peoples lives.  Please be sure you are ready for the commitment before letting a dog fall in love with you.  

When bringing a new dog into your home, you are going to want to have the essentials.  Here is a quick list of stuff to buy before you bring your new dog home.

Dog Food- Finding the right dog food for your pet is important.  It may be a good idea to start with smaller bags as some dogs can be picky eaters and dog food can get pricey

Waterer- A self Waterer is a great choice for providing fresh water to your dog.  

Food Bowls and Containers- Picking out the right food bowl is based on preference.  There are many to choose from including automatic feeders, basic dishes and slow feeder bowls.  Its also a good idea to grab a storage container to keep your dogs food fresh.

Leashes and Leads-There are many different lengths and thicknesses to choose from, its best to go by the breed requirements for your pet

Harnesses and Collars-The right choice for your pet is important.  Be sure to look for your breeds requirements, some recommend only the use of a harness due to weak tracheas.

Toys- Dog toys are important to keep your dog stimulated.  There are many different types, from chew toys to fetch.  

Dog Beds- Lets face it, most of the time your dog will want to be on your bed.  Either way its best that they have a space of their own to help them feel comforted and secure

Bath time and Grooming- Its important to have shampoo, conditioner and combs to properly groom your pet.  While you may always use a professional groomer, there may be times in between where you ave to bathe your pup.  And nobody likes a smelly dog, especially when they are going to be on your bed

Training PadsWhile training your pup to use the great outdoors, you're going to want some training pads just in case

Poop Bags-Its important to clean up after your pet on your walks.  

Treats- Treats are great for training your dog, use as a reward when they do the right thing. 

These are the essentials before bringing your new pup home.  There are also many other great products out there for pets, such as clothes, shoes, furniture and much more.

A dogs unconditional love is like no other! Best of luck to you and your new furry friend!

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