How to Start and Maintain an Instagram Account For Your Pet

How to Start and Maintain an Instagram Account For Your Pet

How to Start and Maintain an
instagram Account For Your Pet
With 500+ million daily active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and also a perfect place to show off your pet. Many of the most popular accounts on Instagram belong to dogs and cats. Here’s how you can start and maintain an Instagram account for your pet.
Before actually jumping into the process of making your furry-friend #instafamous, we wanted to shed some light on the benefits of having an Instagram account for your pet. These benefits are ‘money’ and ‘fame’. Obviously you and your pet can get a chance of being famous but also
you could be earning a good amount of money from your pet’s Instagram account if done right. Continue reading this article and we’ll tell you how.
Starting an Instagram account for your pet
Remember, investing time on your pet’s instagram handle is important. Before actually starting, think “why did you want to have it?” and then follow the steps mentioned below to making your pet Instafamous.
Come up with an eye-catchy and unique username.
We think you may have heard about a proverb saying “First impression is the last impression”. It’s true, the first impression is actually the last one. Here, the username is your pet’s first impression. Having a good, unique and eye-catchy username will force others to have a look at your pet’s profile.
We’d suggest you a few usernames. If you have a black labrador whose name is ‘Levitt’, then you can go with ‘levitt_theblacklab’, ‘levitt_thelab’, ‘levitt_the_monster’, ‘lab_levitt’ and etcetera,
There are countless example to choose from, you just have to use your creativity.
Work on your profile
Now that you are one among the millions of pet accounts owners and to stand out from the crowd, you must have an unique profile. A unique profile has an awesome DP and a good bio. Again, you need to be creative while editing
your furry-friend’s profile. Try editing or changing the background of the profile picture (DP) because this tiny image is one of the first things other users will see, and will help them in deciding whether or not to follow you. For instagram bios, you can take some help from the internet.
Share your first post
Since you’ve already set up the profile, now it’s time to share your first post. Remember to capture some good shots of your dog or cat and post them after proper editing or applying filters.
But taking a good picture of a dog or cat isn’t as easy as it looks. For a good shot, use their favorite treat to encourage them to “pose”. Why don’t you check out some of the ‘Dog Treats’ on MyWagger? Your dog’s gonna love them.
Don’t forget to make ‘reels’ because people share them a lot, which would result in more likes and followers.
Tip:- Try to capture photos and reels in a well lit room or outdoors.
Use Hashtags
Hashtags play an important role in expanding your Instagram audience. When you use a hashtag, your post will also appear on the page for that hashtag. If you use a hashtag on your Story, it could reach it’s relevant audience.
People can also choose to follow hashtags, which means they could see your hashtagged post in their feed even if they don’t follow you yet. That could further help you in gaining followers.
Interact with other users
Engagement and interaction with other users can play a key role in getting genuine followers. By interacting with other ‘pet’ accounts on Instagram you can get free shoutouts. Comment on their posts, tag them on various pet memes and mention them in your stories. For example, upload your pet’s recent photo (on story) and ask five of your ‘pet’ friends to do the same (by mentioning them). So they’re gonna post it and will obviously mention you back, that’ll
help you in reaching the followers of your followers.
Tip:- Try to follow-back 90% of your followers
Use good quality pet products
Buy your furry-friend some quality products like pet carriers, bandanas, unique costumes and other cool stuff.
Try to get some awesome shots in different and unique costumes which would further grab the attention of other users on Instagram.
Also there's another advantage of using premium pet products, that is 'your image'. If you use bad-quality products for your cute-little-friend then it affects your impression on others. So, always use premium products and if you want them at affordable prices then you should
checkout MyWagger.
Keep it up
Congratulations! You’ve now started getting followers. Just make sure to capture some cool snaps and post them on a regular basis, use hashtags, and try to comment on every single post you see on Instagram.
Start earning
As promised, we’re gonna tell you about earning money from the Instagram account of your pet.

The first method is ‘advertisements’. You can advertise various ‘pet-stores’ and ask them any
amount (they’ll pay you more on having more followers).

The second method is ‘paid shoutouts’. Having an Instagram account for pets is trending and some rich owners want their pet to gain followers from the day one of starting a new account, so they’re just gonna ask for a paid-shoutout and can pay somewhere around $5 to $10 per story.

The third method is ‘affiliate marketing’. You can advertise products from Amazon or any other pet store and every time if someone buys from your affiliate link, you’re gonna make some commission.
So that’s it with starting and maintaining your pet’s Instagram account and also making some money out of it. Just follow the steps above and let your little friend become #instafamous. What
are you waiting for? Let’s start huslin on it.

Also don’t forget to check out MyWagger, a single
destination for all your pet’s needs.

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