Ready for a Cat?

Ready for a Cat?

Cats....are you ready for one as a roommate?  First off, nobody ever owns a cat, they own us.  A cat has a very unique personality.  Most cats want love and affection, but on their terms. They are very independent.  If you work a lot or are away from home, a cat can make a perfect addition to your household.  They don't need to be walked or exercised like a dog. They are perfectly content sleeping all day! If you are bringing a new cat home here are some must have supplies:

Cat FoodIts best to try out a couple of brands before picking the one they like best.  

Cat Bowls for food and water- Having food and water available to your cat is important.  Cats do have a tendency to over eat which can lead to health issues such as obesity and diabetics.  

Cat Litter -Cat litter comes in all different types.  From clumping to pine to non-scented.  

Starter Kit- You may want to start with a starter kit which will have all the essentials for bringing your furry friend home

Cat Toys- Cat toys are important to keep your cat stimulated There are many different types from laser pointers to cat nip products.  Sure to give you and your cat hours of fun

Treats-Great for rewarding your cat for paying attention to you! 

Brushes- Most cats groom themselves but your going to want to keep a brush handy to get off their access fur.  Most cats shed a lot but keeping them well groomed will help.

Cat Scratchers-Cats love to sharpen their claws.  A cat scratcher could keep them from using your furniture for this purpose.  

Beds-Lets be honest, cats sleep wherever they want.  Most likely they will sleep in the box their bed comes in

Condos-Cats love to climb, sharpen their nails and sleep.  This provides a place where they can do all three.

There are many other products for cats but these are the essentials.  Having a cat in your life can be very enjoyable.  They make great roommates and they are easy to care for.  

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